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Immersive Gamebox

Mix up your socialising with something a little different and get ready for an immersive team adventure.

Immersive Gamebox
Lakeside Store Openings October 2022 9


Immersive Gamebox redefines social entertainment with a unique, interactive team adventure experience suitable for groups of 2-6 players, all ages from 3 up. Step into the Gamebox for a hyper-immersive adventure lasting 30-60 minutes. Whether you’re solving puzzles under the scrutiny of aliens, hunting for Martian minerals, or racing against ghosts to collect treasure, Immersive Gamebox combines cutting-edge technology with engaging storylines to make in-person screen time social and fun.

With a variety of blockbuster games such as Ghostbusters, Paw Patrol, Tetris 1991, Black Mirror Careers, and Squid Games, Immersive Gamebox offers an extraordinary experience for over one million players worldwide. Ideal for creating unforgettable memories with friends, family, and colleagues, each adventure immerses you in unique worlds designed for collaborative play and excitement. Start your adventure with Immersive Gamebox and discover the future of social gaming today!

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