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Busaba is a modern Thai eatery. Delivering the much coveted, flavoursome Thai menu of freshly prepared salads, stir fries and curries.

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Busaba is modern Bangkok eating. As in Thailand, our dishes are made to share, and include a flavoursome selection of freshly prepared salads, Pad Thais, curries and more. With a large portion of our menu being plant-based, we aim to feed the soul, body and mind.

Gan Gin Gan Yuu means ‘as you eat, so you are’. It is an axiom which parallels Brillat-Savarin’s ‘you are what you eat’ but goes further to suggest that you also define yourself by your approach to food. The choice of ingredients, preparation and presentation are all indicative of who you are.

Our living ethos is ‘Sookjai’. Based on traditional Buddhist values, sookjai is about avoiding the everyday chaos that distracts you. Instead, focus on taking life as it comes and creating your own reality. Literally, its meaning is ‘to enjoy’ and ‘happy heart’.

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Any Pad Thai or Rice Bowl for 13 Monday Friday 12pm 4pm 1
Lunch Time Offer at Busaba

Lunch Time Offer at Busaba

Any Pad Thai or Rice Bowl for £13! Monday to Friday 12pm - 4pmCheck out the MENU here
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