Lakeside secures double triumph at the Green Apple Awards 2023

Lakeside Shopping Centre proudly announces its recent double win at the esteemed Green Apple Awards, recognising outstanding efforts in sustainability initiatives.

Published 14 December 2023
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The awards celebrate Lakeside's commitment to environmental stewardship through innovative projects that have garnered recognition on a national scale.

The first accolade was earned for the groundbreaking Sustainable Allotment Initiative, a visionary project devised by Lakeside's Environmental Team. This pioneering effort involved transforming an unused tarmac space into a flourishing allotment, fostering a deep-rooted culture of sustainability within the organization.

"The Sustainable Allotment Initiative reflects our genuine dedication to sustainability and the environment," expressed Howard Oldstein, Centre Director at Lakeside. "We sought to inspire positive change by creating a space that not only nurtures environmental consciousness but also promotes community engagement."

The project began with every member of the management team planting seeds in office pots, fostering camaraderie, healthy competition, and a deeper understanding of sustainability principles. Utilising recycled materials from the centre, the team repurposed them to develop the allotment, showcasing the potential for resourceful, eco-friendly practices in everyday settings.

Moreover, Lakeside's commitment to education and community involvement was evident through partnerships with local schools, notably Treetops School. By integrating the allotment into the curriculum, young individuals with learning difficulties gained valuable insights into economic benefits, environmental conservation, and the rewards of outdoor activities for overall wellbeing.

"The initiative's success was multifaceted," noted Ross Crook, Environmental Services Manager "Beyond creating a serene staff area and donating produce to the local community, it empowered us to showcase sustainable practices, setting a precedent for other businesses."

The second award recognised Lakeside's dedication to wildlife conservation, particularly in nurturing a thriving habitat for various species around the shopping centre. Utilising reclaimed wood from refurbishment works, the team constructed innovative bird nesting islands, fostering biodiversity and offering a safe haven for local bird populations.

"Our commitment to sustainability extends beyond our immediate premises," added Ross Crook, Environmental Services Manager. "By repurposing materials to create bird nesting islands, we've shown that eco-friendly practices can coexist with urban environments."

Moving forward, Lakeside is poised to expand these initiatives by collaborating with diverse organisations, conducting educational workshops, and furthering its commitment to sustainability.

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