Coffee and a Catch Up? Here's where to go...

Published 3 January 2022

We don't think money makes the word go around, we think coffee does! Whether it's a strong Cortado to kick start the day or a cream frappe to keep you cool in the, summer we have not 1, not 2, but over 15 stores on hand to curb your caffeine craving!



The coffee shop we love so much, we have two of them! You can find Costa Coffee on both Level 1 by House of Fraser and on Level 2 by Apple.

Lakeside Loves - The Ruby Chocolate Frostino & Light Dairy Swirl - okay, it's not exactly a coffee but it's pink and that's all we need!

Casco Lounge

Casco Lounge is one of those places that's the perfect hideaway for work calls in the day and then a place to get lively in the evening. Located in The Quay their coffee is simple yet fantastic!

Lakeside Loves - The oldie but goodie - Americano

Caffe Nero

When you see the iconic blue cup with black lid, you know someone is in for a treat! Located on Level 1 by Waterstones, Café Nero might be tucked away in the corner but they certainly stand out with their coffee menu!

Lakeside Loves - The Ultimate Espresso & Tonic - sounds a bit weird, but trust us!



We all know Greggs is the go to for a saus' roll and a steak bake or two, but did you know they also do pretty amazing coffee? Find Greggs on Level 1 by House of Fraser and Level 1 by Poundland.

Lakeside Loves - The Flat White


Whether you pop in for a panini or settle down for a sandwich be sure to order a coffee too! Located on Level 1 by Hamleys.

Lakeside Loves - The Mocha - we try to add chocolate into as many things as we can!


H Beauty

There's coffee, then there is Harrods coffee! Spoil yourself with a luxury cup of Harrods coffee served with the iconic Harrods "H" on top! H Beauty is located on Level 1 by House of Fraser

Lakeside Loves - The Cappuccino


Krispy Kreme

It might be more of an American tradition to have a doughnut and a coffee, but if our transatlantic cousins are doing it - why shouldn't we! Find Krispy Kreme on Level 1 by Wilko

Lakeside Loves - The Caramel Kreme Shake with Lotus Biscoff - yes, you read that right!


Marks and Spencer's

This is not just coffee...this is...sorry, we couldn't help ourselves. Find the M&S Cafe in The Quay by Flip Out.

Lakeside Loves - The Macchiato with a Hazelnut Shot


Is it even Saturday if you are not munching on a McDonalds breakfast? Their coffee is the perfect accompaniment to a Double Egg McMuffin! Find McDonalds on Level 2 by House of Fraser and Level 1 by Waterstones

Lakeside Loves - Toffee Latte



We love their healthy lunches but we love their coffee more! Find Pret on Level 1 by House of Fraser.

Lakeside Loves - The Matcha Latte



You may know them for their afternoon tea and champagne but it's time to get to know their coffee! Rizzoli is located on Level 2 at the Central Atrium.

Lakeside Loves - The Espresso



Some places need no introduction! With a menu as big as Alexandra Lake, we are sure you will find your new favourite coffee at Starbucks! Find them on Level 1 by Superdrug.

Lakeside Loves - An Extra Hot Caramel Macchiato


Tucked away down Brompton Walk, Spreads is the place to go for your Sunday morning fry up and large cup-a-joe!

Lakeside Loves - The Hot Chocolate


If only you could get a coffee cup as big as a footlong sandwich! Find Subway on Level 1 by CEX and Level 3 on The Eatery.

Lakeside Loves - The Gingerbread Latte


Triple Two Coffee

The newest addition to our coffee offering here at the centre but certainly one that is making it's way to the top of our list - they even do SUSHI! Find Triple Two Coffee on Level 2 down Brompton Walk.

Lakeside Loves - The Con Panna (e.g espresso with cream)

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