Who Doesn't Love a Burger?

Published 29 September 2021

If you're having a bad week, a burger is a great way to fix it.
To save you the hard work we have listed all of our restaurants that sell burgers as well as our loves and where you can find them.
All you need to do is order and eat!

Five Guys
A great place to get an American styled burger and fries, and if you're feeling a little extra grab a milkshake to definitely fill you up!
Lakeside Loves: The Bacon Cheeseburger (not little!)
Location: The Eatery Level 3

Kentucky Fried Chicken don't just do amazing chicken strips! They do pretty good burgers as well!
Lakeside Loves: The Zinger Tower Box Meal - A huge chicken burger with a hash brown, chips, 2 wings or piece and a drink! What's not to love.
: The Eatery Level 3

Gourmet Burger Kitchen
The only place at Lakeside that you can grab a mean gourmet burger and have it custom made to your liking.
Lakeside Loves: The Beef, Cheeseburger with fried onions, lettuce and sauce. The little fries are a great treat as well!
Location: The Boardwalk

Shake Shack
The modern day roadside burger is definitely a winner for a perfect meal. Crinkled fries with a burger cooked to your liking makes it all that better.
Lakeside Loves: The Crispy Shallot Burger with Cheesy Crinkled Fries.
Location: The Eatery Level 3

Burger King
We couldn't have a list without the burger kings. These really do great fast food take away burgers for you to enjoy on your travels... around the centre.
Lakeside Loves: The Whopper meal.
Location: The Eatery Level 3

Ronald really does make a dime of a burger. It's a great place to choose from a wide variety as well!
Lakeside Loves: The Big Mac! The Big Mac sauce has to be a nation favourite.
Location: Level 1 and Level 2

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