Treat Yourself This January with Hempe and Mother Sage

Start 2023 off the right way by delving into all things CBD.

Published 17 January 2023

One in four people in the UK are living in pain*. The Opioid crisis is real but there is a natural solution to pain relief.

Farard Darver, Founder of Health International Research (HIR) and former British Army Officer & Green Beret left the army to launch Hempe and MotherSage CBD products, which are currently revolutionising pain management and skincare.

According to Darver: “I spent too many years watching my fellow soldiers in pain, reliant on heavy opioids. I passionately believe that topical CBD can be used to naturally bring down inflammation and is the best and safest way to administer pain relief”.

HIR specialise in the very best quality, legally registered, natural cannabinoid-based health and skincare products, backed by strong scientifically-proven research.

The company’s Hempe products, take the very best natural ingredients for relief and combines them with CBD, during a rigorous formulation process that has resulted in four powerful topical products – Hempe Hot Muscle & Joint Gel, Hempe Ice Muscle & Joint Gel, Hemp SOS Balm and Hempe Firming & Toning Gel. The Hempe range offers relief for sore muscles, joints and also for irritated skin.

Hempe has already been recommended by many top international sports personalities who have used Hempe products. By way of example, IFBB fitness legend Flex Wheeler and also 4 x World’s Strongest Man Magnús Ver Magnússon act as ambassadors for Hemp:

I won’t put my name to something I don’t believe in. Hempe CBD Muscle & Joint Gels are the only ones I have tried that truly remove my pain.

Flex Wheeler

Using Hempe CBD Muscle & Joint Gels is like applying magic…..I mean it’s unbelievable, my pain literally disappears!

Magnus Ver Magnusson

Further research into the benefits of CBD led to the unexpected realisation that CBD was also uniquely structured to be a powerful ingredient in skincare. The two primary sources of aging and other common issues on the skin are free radical damage and inflammation.

CBD is a strong natural antioxidant which combats free radical damage and also a powerful natural anti-inflammatory which helps to bring down inflammation. This led to the creation of the MotherSage SkinCare range.

MotherSage products take the very best natural ingredients known to improve skin quality and combines them with CBD during a rigorous formulation process that has resulted in a range of five products - MotherSage Body Butter, MotherSage Anti-Cellulite Gel, MotherSage Body Oil, MotherSage Lip Balm & MotherSage Bath Salts.

The MotherSage range has already won or been shortlisted for several awards including the 2022 UK Global Makeup Awards, 2022 Pure Beauty Global Awards, 2022 Green Parent Natural Beauty Awards, Pure Beauty Awards London & demonstrated at the 2022 CEW Beauty Awards.

The MotherSage Anti-Cellulite gel has a clinically proven active ingredient that reduces the appearance of cellulite by 37% on average in 56 days versus untreated skin and that improves smoothness and elasticity in the same time period on average by 57% and 41% respectively compared to untreated areas.

Hempe and MotherSage are now selling on three continents. Recently launched with Nykaa Inc. (the largest cosmetic and wellness retailer in India) after its recent IPO for $7.4B and a pre-launch at the Arnold Sports Festival in the USA, the worlds largest, health, fitness & multisport festival in the world.

Brand ambassador Lynne Franks OBE says: “I have long been a believer in the healing qualities of CBD but the Hempe and MotherSage ranges take this to the next level; my SEED Store sells out on a weekly basis!”

There is now an abundance of scientific research which supports the benefits of CBD for use in pain relief. HIR have now released two white papers that highlight and summarise previous research in the CBD pain relief field.

CBD-based products are becoming an enormous growth area in health and skincare products, as people turn to more natural products for ailments. Jefferies reported last year that beauty products infused with CBD, will generate £18 billion in revenue globally in a decade, representing 15% of the total £120 billion skincare market.

*exclusive survey of over 4,000 adults aged 16-75 for BBC News

You can shop Hempe and MotherSage on Level 1 outside iSmash.

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