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The services we offer here at Lakeside Shopping Centre are completely free and tailored to each client appointment. Whatever the occasion or purpose from weddings and parties to new work and new mum wardrobes, our stylists are equipped to find what suits you.

This service is perfect if you need expert style advice! Whether you like following the trends or investing in staple pieces, our stylists will find clothes and accessories that work for your body shape, size, colouring and most importantly, budget.

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Influencing the Influencers Ep 1 | Carlene x Sophia Sellwood

"I have been a stylist for 20+ years and I have styled everyone from royalty to celebrities. My style motto is ‘comfortable without compromise’, look and feel good without compromising on your style. You do not have to spend much money to look good, you just have to know where to shop to find what suits YOU, that’s our job” - Carlene Noel - Personal Stylist

Carlene Noel - Personal Stylist

To book your FREE Personal Stylist consultation call 01708 684 351 | email lakeside.stylist@savillspm.co.uk or use the booking link here