Reception Mornings at Rock Up

Rock Up's Reception Mornings are BACK!

Reception Mornings at Rock Up
Rock up


They're special sessions for little ones that are starting school in September to meet their new classmates and get a head start making friends

Just look for the school their joining, book a session at the start time listed and help your little monkey climb & play with other future adventurers.


23/05/2023 Holy Cross Primary School

24/05/2023 Aveley Primary School

25/05/2023 Stifford Clays Primary School

26/05/2023 Bonnygate Primary School


05/06/2023 Belmont Castle Academy

06/06/2023 West Thurrock Academy

07/06/2023 Shaw Primary Academy

08/06/2023 Dilkes Academy

09/06/2023 Purfleet Primary School


12/06/2023 Woodside Academy

13/06/2023 Lansdowne Primary Academy

14/06/2023 Herringham Primary Academy

15/06/2023 Rainham Village Primary School

16/06/2023 East Tilbury Primary School


19/06/2023 Little Thurrock Primary School

20/06/2023 Orsett Primary School

21/06/2023 Abbots Hall Primary

22/06/2023 Graham James Primary

23/06/2023 Deneholm Primary


26/06/2023 Warren Primary

27/06/2023 Thameside Primary

28/06/2023 Harris Academy Chafford Hundred

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